How to straighten a dislocated shoulder

How to straighten a dislocated shoulder

Dislocation - damage to the joint, resulting in the surface of the bones are displaced. Although fractures, sprains, and contusions also cause pain, dislocation can be distinguished visually - in this case the joint looks unnatural. But to reduce a self - employment is quite risky, we should at least know how to do it correctly.

1. Shoulder dislocation is accompanied by severe pain. Give the victim any pain relievers that are at hand, for example, 2 dipyrone tablets. Perform reduction after 15-20 minutes, when the drug begins to act.

2. Place the person on the table or a hard couch so that the underarms are at the edge and his head hung down. Substitute under the head chair. Instruct the patient to turn on the side, the angle of a table or couch will abut the axilla, and the hand - to hang free standing beside the chair. Be patient in this position for 15 minutes, during which time the muscles relax and will not interfere with the reduction.

3. Bend the patient's hand at the elbow at a right angle. Pulling down a bent forearm make rotational movement humerus, returning the dislocated head into the joint cavity. At the front dislocation (when the head is in front of the joint) movement is directed from front to back, with zadnem- back to the front, and at the bottom (under the joint head, above the fovea) - from the bottom up. In this process, reposition the forearm is used as a lever, so do not require considerable physical effort for manipulation. Alternative:

Put the patient on the floor. Stand side of it. Grasp both hands wrist sore hand. Take off your shoes with his right foot if dislocated right-handed, left - in the case of left-dislocation. Place the heel in the armpit of the victim. Resting against her leg, pull the patient's hand over, turning slightly outwards (at the front dislocation) or medially (with posterior dislocation). At the time of reposition of the humeral head in the glenoid cavity, you will hear a clicking sound.