Sayings and signs for survival

Sayings and signs for survival

Drink where the horse is drinking. bad water the horse will not drink ever.

Make the bed. where a cat is placed.

Eat fruit. which touched a worm.

Feel free to take mushrooms for which moshkora sits.

Sadi tree where the mole digs.

The house is built on the spot. where the snake basking.

Well dig there. where the birds nest in the heat.

Lie down and get up to kuryami - you will have a golden grain of the day.

Eat more green and you will have strong legs and endurance of the heart as the beast.

Swim more and you will feel on the ground like a fish in water.

Often look up at the sky. and not under his feet - and your mind will be clear and light.

More silent than to speak - and in your soul settle silence, but the spirit is peaceful and calm.

Elder Seraphim of Sarov.

Stepan Grigoryev