Tick ​​bite

Tick ​​bite

Likely to get a tick bite a man in the woods - where they actually live.

The mite can crawl on you from the grass or shrubs, but do not jump from the tree because ticks can not jump. Usually they do not rise above 1 to 5 m above the ground. insect's feet are very tenacious, and themselves spider - very small, so you will not even feel that someone crawling on your body. Of course, to prevent contact with the mites can help tight-fitting clothes, but only rely on is not worth it. Most often, mites bite in the softest place on the body - armpits, groin area or behind the ears. Therefore, walking through the woods, often inspect yourself and your companions.

Do not forget that you can pick up the infection not only directly through the bite of a tick. You can also become infected by drinking milk nekipyachonogo - these insects do not care who is in front of them, a person or an animal, so they are happy to bite cows. Nursing mothers, by the way, is also need to beware of, and until the terrible diagnosis is not refuted, not to feed your baby breast. But the other way from person to person Encephalitis is not transmitted, and catch from friends you do not threaten.

If you find that a tick has bitten - take it as soon as possible!

To delay the removal impossible. The longer the tick is drinking the blood, the greater the infection gets into the body.

To begin, remove the tick bite you. It should be done very carefully, best tweezers, turning it counterclockwise. In any case not dorgayte tick - he had already grabbed your flesh front paws, and if pull strongly come off his head, and she, along with the sting will remain in the skin. Then you have to pick out the head of a needle, pre-calcined in the flame of the lighter, like a splinter. If, however, will remain at least sting, it will have to eventually cut it with a scalpel. In that case, if a pair of tweezers with you there, you can try to unscrew the insect with a loop of thread. For this strong thread tied in a knot as close to the proboscis mite, then it is twisted in one direction, while pulling upwardly slightly. This method is not always convenient, especially for self-removal and recovery of ticks from animals.

Often talk about how to remove the tick using vegetable oil - supposedly the insect begins to choke and will come out by itself. Doctors do not recommend. Choke a tick really begin, but in this case, your blood will release the maximum amount of saliva, because it starts to feel sick much, but, as we recall, is contained in saliva and pathogens.

Once extracted tick, carefully inspect it for the presence of all parts - the number of legs (proboscis indistinguishable from foot) must be odd. If an even - so the sting is left in the body, and it is necessary to address urgently to the emergency room to remove it, and at the same time to make a shot. Remember that a shot will have to do anyway, and try not to pull with it.

Tick ​​should be placed in a small glass bottle with a piece of cotton wool slightly moistened with water. Always close the bottle with a tight lid and store it in the refrigerator. For microscopic diagnosis of mite must be delivered to the laboratory alive. For diagnostic PCR fragments are useful even tick. However, the latter method is not widely used even in large cities. It should be understood that the presence of infection at the tick does not mean that sick people. Analysis of mite need for calm in the event of a negative result and vigilance - in the case of a positive.

The best way to determine the presence of disease - a blood test. Donate blood immediately after a tick bite is not necessary - tests did not show anything. Not earlier than after 10 days, one can examine blood borne encephalitis and borreliosis PCR. Two weeks after the tick bite for antibodies (IgM) to the tick-borne encephalitis virus. Antibody (of IgM) to Borrelia (Lyme borreliosis) - a month.

If after 2 months after the bite did not find any health problems, you can completely relax.