Installation for cold-smoked with their own hands

Installation for cold-smoked with their own hands

1 - the furnace;

2 - burning firewood;

3 - chimney;

4 - Masonry;

5 - lattice (metal sieve);

6 - a wooden or metal box (drum) without a bottom;

7 - hung meat products;

8 - metal rods with hooks;

9 - blanket of burlap;

10 - the door of the furnace.

Build a smokehouse smoked from scrap materials? And how to smoke fish and meat by cold smoking?

smoke temperature must not exceed 250C. To provide a cooled smoke machine for cold smoking should be divided into two parts. The first part - a furnace, and the second - for the separation of products. These parts are placed at a distance of 1, 5 2 meters apart, connecting the flue. Products are smoked for a long time, sometimes up to seven days, depending on the size of semi-finished products.

Here is the simplest version of the smokehouse with furnace and chimney located in the ground, and the capacity to lay the food on the ground.

Dig a hole 0, 5h0, 5 m - a firebox. At the bottom of the furnace it is necessary to put a piece of iron. Preheat iron will produce a smoother smoldering sawdust, wood chips and branches. The furnace may optionally be bricked.

Chimney dug depth and width of approximately shovel, then covered with top sheet iron or slate covered with earth and the web, especially at the edges, so that the smoke without loss reached the smoker. Smoking chamber is a wooden or metal box (barrel) without a bottom. Below is attached a solid mesh or grid, which can put a filter - wet serpyanku, rare hessian or a thin layer of moist straw. The filter will prevent products from soot and tar contained in the smoke, and the grid or lattice does not allow the products to fall into the flue accidental breakage suspensions.

At the top of the smokehouse fixed metal rods, which are suspended from meat. The hooks are better made of stainless rod diameter of 10 mm to ensure that products are not broken, or hang with string, folded into a thick rope. Top smoking chamber is covered with metal sheet, wooden shield serpyanku or burlap.

This smokehouse easy to make yourself out of scrap materials, the main thing - it would be enough space in the area for its production.